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Basic Life Support

Learn to recognise and treat life threatening conditions at first aid level including the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)


First Aid At Work

As a workplace first aider, gain the skills and confidence to provide emergency care at first aid level. This is the standard, recognised qualification for first aiders in the UK.


Emergency First Aid At Work

A precursor to the FAW course preparing you for emergency situations at work, or to provide help to another first aider at work.


Paediatric First Aid

Providing Level 2 for parents and families, and Level 3 for carers, the PFA course is designed for those who may need to provide first aid to children and infants.

What we do

At Welund we seek to provide Training with Integrity, and an increasing portfolio of occupational and work based training solutions.


Whatever your field of work, effective and accredited training is an ever increasing necessity in terms of staff development and statutory requirement. Welund aims to work in partnership with you to provide the optimum training solution at the most competitive rates.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality courses that combine a balanced level of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how, to ensure that your staff attain the required certification and also the ability and confidence to perform effectively.

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