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FAW First Aid At Work Requalification

Welund's First Aid at Work Requalification course is designed to meet the HSE requirements for the maintenance of the FAW certificate and to serve as a refresher course to those who work as a First Aider in the workplace.


Failure to attend the requalification course within 28 days of the expiry of the FAW certificate means the First Aider must complete the full First Aid at Work training course again from scratch.

Course content

This is a condensed version of the full FAW course and is designed to update current skills and knowledge in conjunction with workplace legislation.

The FAW Requalification course is only available to individuals who have already completed the FAW course but whose original qualification has expired or is about to expire. Please note that candidates wishing to renew their FAW certification by completing this course must do so within 28 days of the expiry of their original qualification. If you wish to renew your FAW certification outside of the 28 day period, please see our full First Aid At Work course.

Course duration

Method of delivery


2 days (12 hours)

Upon application

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