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FAW First Aid at Work

Welund's First Aid at Work (FAW) training course is the standard, recognised qualification for first aiders throughout the UK. The FAW course is ideal for those wanting to become a qualified and designated first aider at work.

FAW training includes EFAW and also equips the trainee to apply first aid to a range of specific injuries and illnesses.

Course content

The role and responsibilities of a first aider

Assessment and equipment

Conscious and  Unconscious casualty

Resuscitation and AED

Choking casualty

Bleeding and management of shock




Heart conditions



Injuries to Bones, Muscles and Joints

Head, spinal injuries and chest injuries

Burns and scalds

Eye injuries


The First Aid at Work course is an extensive course which enables the trainee to become a certified first aider at their workplace and be prepared for a variety of serious and urgent casualties at the first aid level.

Course duration

Method of delivery


3 days

Upon application

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